The school provides high quality boarding facilities for its students, maintained by matrons under the supervision of hostel wardens who ha ve the overall responsibility. It has all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as dear home. Students sleep in comfortable, bright bedrooms for not more than five. The hostel is designed to provide e very facility for study and a great sense of community, which can add so much to school days and later life. Our entire team is dedicated to our mission and with this team effort we give our boarders a genuine edge in learning be yond books.

Vision and Mission

Whenever people ask me about the magic potion which led to the success of Tagore Vanasthali, I always relate it to the vision. A larger vision means more difficult milestone which means longer strides, more determination and sustained dedication. These incidentally, happen to be the key to any success. So I always proclaim that if the vision is large, success is destined. The journey to this great school began 10 years ago.I often dig out that CD-room of an animated version of the school which I had created long before the first brick was laid on this land. Today, when I compare the movie created by an artist out of our narration of dreams with the actual school as it is today, a rush of blood and goose pimples are a gore because every brick ,tile, room, facility and faculty matches without exception. This propels us to dream on and envision more. With a family of “Tagore Vanasthali” i.e. students as well as parents to support this vision, gives unparalleled strength to strive. It also implants immense responsibility. Organizations are not run by brick and mortar alone. Faith of educated human beings who entrust their children, who are their only treasure, in us creates undoubted pressure of living up to this faith. I hasten to add that every time I visit another school in India or abroad and spend time with their students and teachers, nemesis befalls and sky rockets the school vision to greater heights .As obvious, when I share that with my Principal and staff, they are charged with fire in their hearts with more resolve and vigour to scale them with a strong commitment and drive When visitor or new acquaintances ask me about the standard of Tagore  Vanasthali, my straight forward reply is -“We are the Standard.” Tagore Vanasthali, undoubtedly is the standard bearer of school in this country and I envision and declare my vision today that I foresee a day when the benchmark of school standard in this country will be Tagore

 Vanasthali Public School. The Word will follow soon thereafter………………………………………



Tagore Group of Schools